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Have you entered the Road ID giveaway?  I’ll select a winner tomorrow (Saturday) AM.

I’ve shared a bit of my story about why health and wellness are an important part of life for me.  I haven’t always felt in shape or healthy.  But for about the past five years I’ve had a good streak of keeping 40 lbs. off, by making a choice everyday to strive for health, toning things up, eating a rather clean diet, and maintaining balance with workouts – weights, pilates, yoga, walking, running, swimming, etc.

Being featured on SHAPE as a “Super FIT Chick Who Hates Running” is something I’m proud to share with you.


Just to be clear–“hate” is a strong word.  Just like my dad encourages me to “never say never because never is a long time”, I can’t say I “hate” running.  It’s just not the sole form of exercise that I rely on.  In fact, I’ve been able to stay in better shape the less running I do.

I trained for and successfully completed the Chicago Marathon five years in a row.


But at 40-50 lbs heavier than I am now, I have no idea how I did it.  Now I run 10Ks and work on speed by running about 2-3x/week.


I’ve found what works for me–balance.  It’s different for everyone. Running is my go-to workout when I’m really stressed or need to focus and think about everything that’s going on.

I want to thank the folks at SHAPE for including me.  And I’d like to share that so far comments from friends have been:

“You’re like the opposite of a beach model.”  Ha, Ha.  I am the only one covered from head to toe…and in the snow.

Left on my vmail the other night:  “You must be at the health club signing autographs.”  I needed a laugh!

Share your good fitness news with me today…or – have you ever been featured in a paper, magazine, etc? 

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  1. Wow, congrats, Nicole! This is a huge honor! Take some screenshots of the story so you’ll always be able to remember that. I myself put on about 15 lb in college, and I was dancing on my college dance team–I have no idea how I got through those strenuous routines with that extra weight on me. I’m still looking to shave off about 10 more, and I know I’ll be that much more energetic in my workouts and whatnot. Congrats on losing 40—I had no idea!

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