Friday Round-Up: 8.17.12

Happy Friday.

It has been a busy, busy, busy week.  Even these Guys are tired.  Weather has been beautiful so they have been getting a lot of fresh air.  This morning I had to wake them up to eat.  That’s a rare occurrence.

Sleepy Puppies!

Speaking of puppies, Lauren posted this link to a puppy cam on her site a couple of weeks ago.  You could spend all day watching these cute golden retriever puppies!

To try and recover from Olympics jet-lag I have watched a few Shark Week episodes.  Every Summer I do this and every Summer I ask myself, “Why are you watching Shark Week shows?”  I think I come close to passing out watching some of these shows.  Watching re-enactments of attacks.  Yikes!

This is about as far in the ocean as I go.

If it’s a really hot day I may go in far enough to cool my ankles and that’s where I stop.  During a recent beach trip I noticed the purple flag flying at the beach.  I went to read the sign to decipher the purple code.  Purple=”Dangerous marine life”.  Earlier that day a young man fishing on the beach said he’d caught a hammerhead shark and a stingray.  Thank you I will stick to my beach chair.

Non-sequitur…transition to National Geographic’s winners of its 2012 Photo Contest.  These photos are worth a quick look.  Beautiful images from around the world.

Have you been watching Shark Week?  Ever see a shark in the water?  I’ve seen dolphins – that’s safe!




Friday Round-up: Olympics

This week it’s the good and the bad of the Olympics.

We all heard that Ryan Lochte uses the Olympic pool as his pre-race locker room. Keep it classy Lochte.  Lochte and Phelps really could use media training and some concrete talking points.

US sprinter Manteo Mitchell broke his leg during the Men’s 4x400M relay.  What?! He felt his leg pop during the race and finished with only a slight limp.  He belongs on a Wheaties box.

South African swimmer Cameron van der Burgh won gold in the men’s 100M breaststroke and he admitted cheating–he took an extra, illegal, dolphin kick during the race.  He has also said he was forced to because the rule was not policed properly and illegal kicking had become common. So if his friend jumps off a bridge, he will, too.

A classy US athlete won bronze in that same race.  Swimmer Brendan Hansen won his first individual medal – a bronze that he said was his favorite medal and the shiniest bronze.  That’s the spirit!

McKayla Maroney–she won an individual silver.  And she’s not impressed.

There’s a Tumblr site dedicated to her look.

My favorite story of the week?  These ladies:

Source–3x gold medalists

I have a new appreciation for beach volleyball.  After watching a couple of the matches played by Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor, I get that beach volleyball requires a great deal of cardio capacity, strength, flexibility, teamwork, concentration, and determination.  Oh, and it’s all in a tiny swimsuit in front of an audience.

Would you rather have moves like Jagger or abs like Jennings!  I pick abs.

What do you think?  Is gold the only medal worth celebrating?