Friday Round-Up

A few things to share today…

I found a vendor to help me stay on the reindeer diet.  Look at the size of those carrots!



We haven’t seen snow yet this season in Wisconsin but I’m hopeful we get enough so I can use my snowshoes this year.

Here’s a picture of snow taken in the late 1800s into early 1900.

I finished the Hunger Games trilogy this week. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to read the books and am already looking forward to the next movies.  (If you’re keeping track, Mockingjay was book #40 toward my goal of reading 50 Books in 2012.)  I was surprised by a few things towards the end of Mockingjay and stick to my general review of these books – they are stressful and intense, but Collins did an amazing job of creating a storyline that a lot of people can quickly become invested in.

If you’re a Starbucks fan, did you know about their 12 Days of Gifting?  Starbucks has a special offer each day for 12 days – today’s deal is a coffee sale – KCups, whole bean, ground, Via.  I make my coffee at home everyday (but lean heavily on Starbucks when I travel!) and really enjoy the Christmas Blend.  So I’ll be loading up on the special $9.95 1 lb. bags today (regularly $14.95).

Have a great day!

Any holiday deals to share?  What are you reading? Has snow started to fall where you live?




Farmers Market Finds

Happy Weekend.

My alarm clock!

Today I wanted to walk away from the farmers market with a couple of new-to-me items.

Not that carrots are new, but purple carrots are.

And patty pan squash.  Have you tried it?  How did you make it?  I may roast the squash, eggplant, and peppers to have on-hand for the week.

Mmmm…apples!  Local apple growers will have a smaller crop this year due to weather.  Most orchards will not have pick-you-own options just so the precious apples that are on the trees are picked with care and don’t go to waste.  I will stick to the pick-my-own by way of the market or going directly to my favorite orchards.

Today’s bounty

What are you cooking this weekend?  I’m going to a family dinner tonight–my dad is grilling burgers and I’m in charge of bringing the pretzel rolls.  Check out Pretzilla!  And to keep it extra healthy, Cybros sprouted hamburger buns, too!