Exercise Much?

Who doesn’t love a good heart-racing workout?  A relaxing yoga session?  A core-building Pilates class?

Well, according to a new study, we should only be exercising 4 times a week.  Let me explain…

Today’s New York Times features a blog post: Getting the Right Does of Exercise.  Why Four Workouts a Week May be Better than Six.  


Key things to point out here – the study features women, exercise was not already a “normal” part of their routine, the women were age 60-74.

For the new study, published this month in Exercise & Science in Sports & Medicine, researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham gathered 72 older, sedentary women and randomly assigned them to one of three exercise groups:

1.  1 day/week aerobic activity, 1 day/week strength training (2 days/week)

2.  2 days/week aerobic activity, 2 days/week strength training (4 days/week)

3.  3 days/week aerobic activity, 3 days/week strength training (6 days/week)

Aerobic activity was 40 minutes of aerobic exercise at 80% maximum heart rate and resistance training was 2 sets of 10 repetitions for 10 different exercises at 80% of one repetition maximum.

The results?  All of the women gained endurance and muscle strength and there was no fitness capacity difference between the groups.  The women who worked out 4 days/week were expending more energy overall–burning more calories throughout the day.  The women who worked out 6 days/week were expending less energy (about 200 calories) each day than when the study began.  These women did not report feeling run down, rather, they reported feeling pressed for time to fit in exercise each day.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

It’s interesting to read the science but I still go by the do what feels best approach.  I hope when I’m 74 I’m still working out at least 4 days/week!

Thoughts on 2/4/6 days?  What’s today’s workout?
What health/fitness news did you read today?

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New Year New Gear Reveal

I’m excited to post about the January New Year New Gear exchange.  This was a fun way to connect with blog friends, (virtually) meet new bloggers, and even connect with a reader.  The program details are available here.

At the bottom of this post I’ve included links from other bloggers’ posts about the exchange.  I’ll be updating this throughout the day as posts go live.

I’m sharing two pairings–you’ll see why.

I was paired with Dan – a reader from the East Coast.  He’s a personal trainer and when he asked me what one of my fitness goals was for 2013, I emailed him back that I really want to try TRX.  Dan sent me an at-home TRX system.  Holy smokes!  It took a little time to figure out the set-up and I’m just getting started with the workouts.  I’ll be writing more posts about it and hopefully share some workouts (and pictures of me trying to keep my balance).  I really like at-home workouts at TRX is taking these workouts to a new level.

He also included another new-to-me product–this “handy” cooling system.  He said he uses this when running outdoors in the heat.  It helps keep you feeling cool and I can’t wait to try it when the snow melts!

Thanks Dan!

After the pairings were sent out, I received an email from Lindsay–she wanted to participate so she and I exchanged gear.  Check out Lindsay’s blog – she’s doing Whole 30, she’s a surfer, plays soccer, and lives out in sunny California!

She writes about all things “Fit and Awesome“.

Lindsay sent me a package of very thoughtful and practical running accessories in bright, fun colors.  These toe socks are keeping my feet warm and comfortable.  I really like the added arch support!


The running hat (with ponytail hole!) and running ear band are perfect!  In fact, the day I received the package, I saw a runner wearing an ear band and thought to myself that I don’t have one and could really use one!

I’ve worn these on my way to the gym but it has been too cold to run outdoors.  I know these will be perfect as temps get back into the 30s or so and I can run outdoors.  Linsday included a really thoughtful note and said she picked out the hat and ear band thinking I could even wear these when out walking the dogs.  She said she bought herself the combo, too!

Thanks Lindsay!  When I come out to CA one of these days, I want to learn to surf.

If you are interested in participating in February, please either comment below or send me an email by Thursday, February 7th – if there’s enough interest in a second month, I’ll send out pairings on Friday, February 8th. 

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