Who’s Afraid of Santa?

I was. I am. Guys with beards still give me the creeps.

I was the screaming, crying, red-faced kid at the mall who refused to sit on Santa’s lap.



“No” was my first word so I got really good at telling my parents “No” when they’d ask me to sit on Santa’s lap. In fact, my parents have an old tape recording of my dad asking me, “Nicole, don’t you want to sit on Santa’s lap?” Me: “No.”

I don’t know if it was the beard or stranger-danger.

Saturday our family had a visit from Santa. My little nephew was a repeat of me – screaming, shaking his head “No.” When Santa left, the little one practically escorted him to the door to give him an extra push outside.

Me, I still kept my distance but did finally sit on Santa’s lap.



A bit of a forced smile – guy still makes me a little uncomfortable

Best part of the visit from Santa, my older nephew telling Santa he just knew Santa would visit since he’s “the most magical, awesome, special person in the whole world.” Melt my heart!

And then, asking Santa what the reindeer eat, Santa replied, “Carrots and apples.” Nephew, “Just like Nicole!”. Yep, I’m officially on the reindeer diet.


Who else was afraid of Santa? Any good Santa stories to share?