Science Club

This page will include resources including links to studies, reports, articles on health issues, etc.

A resolution with no downside:  Semi-Vegan

Polyphenols and Paper Bag Popcorn

A Hot Dog a Day

One Beat CPR

Hands Only CPR–There’s an App for That

Heart Attack Grill–Really?

Your Heart on Love

How many pounds of carrots will you eat today?

Know your numbers

February is American Heart Month

Paula Deen–An Opportunity for Education

Farm-Fresh Berries!

3 responses

  1. My aunt has slowly altered her diet partially for health reasons and partially for preference – she has eliminated meat, dairy, and gluten. She does eat sheep, goat, and buffalo cheeses and milk and of course lots of fruit and vegetables! We have been introduced to many foods that we may not have otherwise tried – it is fun and tasty.

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