25 Down, 25 to Go: Bicoastal Babe

*Disclosure–I received a copy of this book from Debutante Media as part of the Business2Blogger network.  I was not compensated for this review – the review is my honest opinion of the book.*

Bicoastal Babe (by Cynthia Langston) centers on Lindsey Miller, a single, unemployed twenty-something who lands a job writing a trend-tracking newsletter that covers everything from fashion to food to cosmetics. Lindsey flies between New York and LA and spends her days (and nights) in clubs, restaurants, and navigating life.  She ends up juggling two guys – one on each coast – who are complete opposites.

This is a light read – perfect for a late-Summer literary distraction.  The CW has picked up the story and is making it into a TV show called “Trending” to be produced by Katherine Heigl.

The story was certainly a deviation from my usual reads.  It reminded me of the premise of the ABC show “Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23” – the good friend/bad friend, doe-eyed Midwesterner moves to the big city, etc.  So I’d be curious to see how the CW networks keeps Trending fresh and different.

Side note – author Cynthia Langston is originally from Appleton, Wisconsin.  Props to a local Wisconsin girl!

What has been a light Summer book you’ve read?


Lemon Bars and Carly Rae Jespen

Just a couple of quick things to share today.

I went to a little gathering last night and brought lemon bars.  But, seeing as how I haven’t quite gotten into the swing of documenting food, I didn’t take a picture!  Trust me, they were pretty and lemony-yellow.

While looking for a recipe I came across Christy’s blog The Girl Who Ate Everything.  She has quite the recipe archives!  The lemon bar recipe was easy and straight forward – the crust included 3 sticks of butter.  Yikes!  So I think that maybe the bars could be re-named Paula Deen Lemon Bars.  They were a hit and got thumb’s up.  The only things I’d tweak the next time around would be to add more lemon juice and possibly experiment with one less stick of butter to have a lighter, less dense, crust.

I don’t have my own “Call me Maybe” video to show you, but do want to share this one with you.  A friend posted it on FB and her step-son is in it–having just returned to the US – this is probably the most unique take on the “Call me Maybe” craze that I’ve seen.

What’s the last thing you cooked/baked that contained a lot of butter?  

If you were going to make a “Call me Maybe” video, what would be your theme?