Friday Round-Up

You’re probably already up-to-speed on this week’s biggest news…

You know that Kate got a haircut, right? So did I but The Daily Mail forgot to write about it.  They did, however, cover everything from how to get Kate’s new do to what she must be hiding by getting a haircut.

Jorie posted links to holiday greeting cards that give back.  My favorites are the adorable dog cards.

Speaking of adorable dogs, here’s a picture of Kostas – he loves to be as close as possible.  Here he is wedged between my drying rack and the wall.  Just watching me hang laundry.



I’d like to say thank you to Heather and Kelly who organized a blogger tea swap–unfortunately the person who was matched to send me a couple of samples of their favorite tea was MIA.  I got a nice little surprise in the mail this week from Heather who sent me a couple of her favorites and some fun cards.  I like the blog inspiration cards – to be used for drafting post ideas.  A little fancier than my iPod Notes or scraps of paper!


Mint tea is one of my favorites!

Speaking of friendly bloggers, thanks everyone for the comments on yesterday’s post – I always like it when people weigh in and comment!

And lastly, any guesses what this is/will be?  My family has a weekend project head of us.




The current issue of Time Magazine features stories about food and diet–the “Anti-Snob-Diet”.  Here’s the cover:

Dr. Oz was on the Today Show Monday to talk about the benefits of frozen foods and how you don’t have to dry up your bank account to eat a healthy diet.  Frozen fruit – long freezer life, no waste, nutrients are flash frozen.  Canned salmon – technology has advanced so less salt is needed for canned foods.  Meat – buy small portions and use in a dish loaded with veggies and grains (which cost less).  (Video here)

Also in this issue, Cheap vs. Expensive Food.  For example, eggs:  $1.69 for a carton of 8 vs. $3.29 for a carton of six (organic/cage free). The verdict:  Spend more if you can but otherwise save your money.  Nutritionally, an egg is an egg.  They are a good source of protein, choline, and Vitamin B (and OK to eat in moderation if your cholesterol is in check).  The cage free/organic eggs bring no additional nutritional value to the pan.

Olive Oil:  $5.49 per bottle vs. $25.29 per bottle.  The verdict:  Save your money unless you are cooking at a restaurant as a professional chef!  The article makes the point that store brand olive oil is as heart-healthy as a fancy brand.  Both have the same nutrition picture but if you’re a true foodie, you can probably taste the difference.  My favorite olive oil?  The fresh oil in Greece or Italy that pretty much comes from grove to table!

What are foods that you splurge on?  Are there certain foods that you have to buy the name brand because you think it tastes better than the generic?  
I am the opposite…my favorite peanut butter is the local store brand – it is organic but so a bit more expensive, but I buy it because it’s unsalted and I prefer the taste.  A food splurge is the Whole Foods Market in-house oven roasted turkey from the deli.  But…I see a roasting pan in my future so I’m ready to start in-condo roasting.