Hippie Christmas

Hippie Christmas is a Madison, WI, “holiday”.

According to the site City Dictionary, it’s:

This is August 15 and a few days on either side. When all the leases in the central city turn over at the same time, many students and other renters leave vast piles of unwanted belongings on the curb as they change apartments. These items are often taken home by others as the population garbage picks the piles. When someone asks where you got an item, you reply “Hippie Christmas.”

You can find furniture, beds, kitchen items, etc.  But…they’re on the curb.  And they’re dirty and smelly.  And I can attest – dogs don’t ignore the items–if you catch my drift.

You can find everything from a stove to a sombrero.  Bath towels to a tea pot.  Ew.

My favorite is the picture that looks like a living room is set up in a parking lot!  Sometimes students have to wait a day to move into their new apartment so they sleep outdoors–in the front yard of the new place.

Yesterday while out and about I took a few photos to share Hippie Christmas (Instagramed-style):

Saturday Surprise

I’ll just preface with this was not a good surprise…and that’s where I’ll end my editorial!

Saturday afternoon I went for a run–I took a route that I wouldn’t normally take but I was on a schedule and wanted to pack in 4 miles.  Side note–33 minutes later, 4 miles run and done.  And that included the few minutes that I was forced to stop for a road block.

The road block was the Madison Naked Bike Ride.  I noticed that traffic was slowing down so I couldn’t cross the road.  And then I heard a lot of noise.  Here came the naked bikers.  I wish I could show you a picture of my face.  My mouth pretty much dropped to the sidewalk.

These folks were letting it all hang out.  Really–all of it.  I hope they were wearing sunscreen.

The worst part of it all/the thing that really made me say “Ewwwwwww” out loud:  seeing that some folks were riding the Madison Community Bikes!

So here’s a tip–if you find yourself renting a community bike–wipe and sanitize it before you ride it!

What’s one of the “strangest” things you’ve seen while out for a run/walk?