Friday Round-Up

Yesterday morning as I typed my blog post there were maybe 4 inches of snow on the ground.  Now there are 18-20″ ready to greet me this morning.  I took the dogs out during the height of the wind gusts.  I think they didn’t want to be outside because it was a record-setting (quick) potty break.

Does anyone know when naming winter storms started?  Yesterday’s was Draco. Straight out of Harry Potter.

Jimmy Fallon set out to gather the best of the worst gifts via Instagram #BadGift.  A couple that made the final cut:

Would you wear these? (Source)

Would you wear these? (Source)

Or these? (Source)

Or these? (Source)

You can view the full segment of wacky gifts – including Jimmy’s addition…the “Head Net”–a mosquito net you wear over your head.  Funny side-note–I’ve seen people wear these at an outdoor theatre.

Who doesn’t love the old-school holiday cartoons?  Rudolph, Frosty…well, Jimmy Kimmel took Frosty the Snowman to a new level.  Taking real audio from Jersey Shore and incorporating it  into real footage from Frosty the Snowman.  Oh my…

After that I can’t think of any sort of transition…

I read this article about a Canadian photographer who has taken portraits of strangers who actually look like twins.  These photos are amazing.

It would kind of be like if Kate and I sat down together for a photo shoot 🙂  (But I am not getting those new bangs of hers.)NMT


  Favorite holiday cartoon?  BadGift# you’ve received?  

Who have you been told is your twin?