April Foodie Penpals

Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean organizes Foodie Penpals every month.

Participants are assigned a pen pal and send a fun, food package by the 15th of the month, with contents that add up to no more than $15.  There’s a link to details at the end of the post…if you’re interested, get in touch with Lindsay by May 4th.

This was my fourth month participating…and it’s always so fun to see what arrives in the mail!  You can see my January write-up here, February here, March here.

I was paired up with Ashley–you can see the goodies I sent her by checking out her blog Freckles & Spice.

On to the exciting package that showed up at my doorstep!

Maria from Lil Mys Ninja sent me a box full of goodies that were really in line with what I like to eat!

Maria sent an adorable note on apple stationary and I think she really went out of her way to find a lot of apple-themed snacks.

These were great to take on the road for various mini road-trips during the past few weeks.

All sorts of goodies!

Tucker tried to go for the Larabar while I was taking pictures!

So…a big thank you to Maria for a thoughtful package and a big thank you to Lindsay for organizing Foodie Penpals!  It was really fun to participate…I got to “know” (virtually) new bloggers and try new treats–a Win, Win!  I’m excited to participate again in May!

If you’re interested in becoming a Foodie Pen Pal, check out the site and sign up by May 4th.

Friday Funnies: 4/26/12

Here’s a recap of things that made me laugh this week:

1.  Talking to yourself may boost brainpower
Phew!  Now I don’t feel bad about the days when I find myself talking to myself as I’m working away.  Sometimes I have to do that to keep track of what I’m doing or remind myself of what’s next on my list.

2.  Sophia Grace and Rosie visited Ellen yesterday.  The enthusiasm is “So Good”!


3.  Tomorrow is football Saturday in Madison (Spring practice game) and we’re heading to the game.  I wanted to be prepared with a good football joke:

What did the football coach say to the broken vending machine?

Give me my quarterback!

Believe it or not, “friday the 13th funnies” and “pineapple jokes” are in the top 10 search terms that have brought people to the blog.

Happy Weekend!