Frozen Yogurt Pie

Today I’m sharing a family-favorite…Frozen Yogurt Pie.  I have to give my mom credit for this dessert.  We’ve had this at plenty of summertime family gatherings and it’s always a hit.  There are so many variations depending upon what fruit is in season.

I bought a container of big, fat blueberries at Trader Joe’s that I knew would be perfect for this pie.  It’s also tasty with peaches, strawberries, raspberries.

The best part?  It’s a 4-ingredient dessert.

Cool Whip, Yogurt, Fruit, Pie Crust.  That’s it!

Mix it up

Frozen Yogurt Pie


2, 6 oz containers of yogurt; your flavor of choice (recommend low-fat yogurt for this)
1, 8 oz container of frozen whipped topping (fat free or low-fat)
1, 9 inch graham pie crust
1-2 cups of fresh fruit


*Mix together yogurt, frozen whipped topping, and fruit in a large bowl.
*Place into crust and cover.
*Freeze–to serve let defrost and soften for at least 20 minutes.

My kitchen helper enjoyed cleaning out the containers!

That’s it.  Easy as pie!

What’s your favorite less-than-five-ingredient dessert recipe?  Links welcome.


Kids’ Corner – Fruit Smoothie


Early Saturday morning my phone was chiming and I was thinking Who is texting me early on a Saturday? It was my niece- she is a trooper and created yet another kid-friendly recipe for the blog.

January 2011

Wisconsin weather has been rather warm – up until today – so why not make smoothies in January?!

January 2012

If there had been snow on the ground last weekend, I suppose Julia could have substituted fresh snow for the ice cubes.

Healthy Smoothie Recipe
1 cup milk
2 bananas, sliced
6 ice cubes
1 cup strawberries, cleaned & sliced


*Put all of the ingredients in the blender and blend.

Julia created the recipe because she wanted a healthy and delicious treat. She said the whole family tried it and enjoyed it and she even created a milk-shake variation on Sunday using frozen raspberries and frozen strawberries.

Question: Do you drink smoothies during the winter?