I love to exercise and my goal is to do something active everyday.  That might be a walk with the dogs, snow-shoeing,

a 10K race, a spinning class, a yoga dvd in my living room, etc.  It’s time that allow me to take a break, do something good for my mind and body, and recharge.

This page includes links to workout DVDs I’ve tried and loved, recaps of road races, and exercise-related tidbits.

Kelly Coffey-Meyer:  30 Minutes to Fitness
Exhale Core Fusion Body Sculpt
Exhale Core Fusion:  Pure Arms & Abs
Exhale Core Fusion:  Energy Flow Yoga


National Walking Day
Don’t go in the Water Workout
Scenes from Ironman Wisconsin
Hulu Workout
Top 10 Reasons it’s Worth Going to the Gym at 6am

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