Friday Funnies: Search Terms

How is everyone doing in this heat that’s blanketing the U.S.?

I stayed nice and cool yesterday with lots of H2O – both drinking it and swimming in it (and not drinking it while swimming!).

I’m always curious to read the search terms that bring people to Apples and Arteries.   Today I thought I’d share a few of these.

Sharing a link to an article with pictures of goofy tan lines has driven a lot of traffic to the blog via these searches:

Most tan couple in the world

Worst tan ever

In fact, bad tan and bad tans are the 3rd and 4th most popular searches.  What?  Maybe I need to make this a tanning blog.  I should mention–1st is apples and arteries and 2nd is pineapple jokes.  My corny jokes have an audience!

Why did the pineapple stop in the middle of the road?

Because it ran out of juice!

I love that multiple people were driven to a picture of Tucker when they searched birthday puppy kisses pictures.


A few others that I got a kick out of:

modern family cam looks for tupperware–for anyone who is particular about getting their Tupperware back from others, this was a funny episode.

madison naked bikers – yep.  That one. I’m still shuddering but that story has really gotten some mileage.

Kate Middleton resemble–made-my-day



What’s a funny/goofy search term that brought someone to your blog?  Or what’s a search term you typed in that brought you to a site you were not expecting?!



Friday Funnies: 6/8/12

Happy Friday!

A few funnies for you today…

I’ve decided that Costco stresses me out–the carts that are as big as a semi, the near-death experience of getting in and out of the parking lot, the feeling that if I buy the 10lbs of grapes I have to eat them in the next 3 days, and that I need to have super-human strength to lift your purchases after they are crammed into one giant box.  Last weekend there was a problem with my card–I’d spent the time doing my shopping, got up to the check-out, and was told I couldn’t buy the items.  I didn’t fly off the handle–I just walked away.

Here’s a funny look at 12 Ways to Lose Your Shirt at Costco.  It’s funny but also a good look at how to be fiscally-responsible at Costco.  #12:

12. Finally, what is your future health care cost resulting from those 50 ice cream bars you’re buying today?

Samples are evil, but at least they are free. If you approach Costco with equal doses of price skepticism, temperance, and fun you can find not only great deals but have a good time shopping. Treat it like a trip to Disneyland; it’s going to cost you more than you think, but the occasional visit there is worthwhile

I love this story–Axel the Lab who spends the day on the roof while his owner works as a roof thatcher.  One note–Axel weighs 98 lbs.

Believe it or not, the #2 search term that brings people to the blog is “pineapple jokes” (#1 is “apples and arteries”).  Without further ado, another cheesy joke – in honor of the end of the school year:

Q. Why was the music teacher not able to open his class room?
A. Because his keys were on the piano.

Have a great day!