Today’s Workout: Core Fusion Energy Flow Yoga

Today’s workout is the Exhale Mind Body Spa DVD Core Fusion Energy Flow Yoga.  

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The workout is divided into 5, 10 minute segments that include a warm up, 2 sun salutations, a hip opener/Chi Gong (my favorite), a core and backside segment, and there is a bonus cool down/stretch.  The only equipment needed is a yoga mat.  (Blocks and a yoga strap are also used but you can complete this without the extra equipment.)

This is not a sit back and relax, Namaste-type workout.  This is a heart-pumping/work-up-a-sweat workout that engages your muscles (lots of push ups) and core.  The stretch ties it all together and this leaves you energized and feeling stronger.

I wouldn’t recommend using this to just pick 1 segment for a 10 minute workout.  These segments all flow and are best done as one practice and as you build through the segments, moves become easier because the work completed in the previous segment helps you with the next.

I completed this DVD last night and this morning my abs are sore, but good sore.  Some of the final moves in the DVD included a lot of balance and core strengthening – I’ll take that!

What’s your favorite yoga move or stretch?

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