Friday Roundup

A little of this and that for you today…

Last night we saw the documentary Being Elmo – A Puppeteer’s Journey.  This is the story of Kevin Clash – the puppeteer behind Elmo!  He has a really interesting story and the film is very heart-warming.

The theater was packed –

I’m Swiss so I like to be on time.  And I wore my “dressy fleece” for the night out.  The seats did fill in.

We’re taking extra special care of our pal Tucker – yesterday he had a mass removed from his paw.  It’s amazing that the vet found it – it was essentially between his “toes”.  He is a little tired but wagging his tail with vigor!

Speaking of dogs, I read this article last night about dog theft being on the rise – I am not one to leave the dogs out in front of a store but this article even made me think twice about the dog park.

Happy Weekend!



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