Happy Birthday Kostas

Today is my puppy’s birthday–he’s 6!


Kostas has been with me for 5 years – I adopted him from the Humane Society in October ’07.  He was a sad looking pup who had been given up by his first family on his 1st birthday.  As soon as I got to meet him, I knew he’d be a great pal.  He is the most loving dog I’ve ever known – all he wants to do is be near people and give them big, sloppy kisses.

He loves to eat, sleep, and go for long walks.

He’s a good sleeper

His new trick- laying down to eat and keeping his food bowl between his paws

People either love this or hate this – dogs get thirsty, too!

Today Kostas will get extra treats, at least 2 peanut butter jars to clean out, and a long walk in the fresh air.


Do you do anything special for your pet on his/her birthday?