Sunday Search

I haven’t written a Sunday Search post in a while – it’s fun to re-visit.

Search terms that have brought people to the blog lately:
Katie Middleton birthday, Kate Middleton bag, Kate Middleton blog
Oh Kate…some days I wish I was a Duchess!  P.S. Kate’s birthday is Jan 9 – last year I made a recipe inspired by the big day.

Labrador drooling

KI am not, in the least, surprised by that one!

Gym Pet Peeves Group Class
Last year the WSJ had a fun article about top Gym Pet Peeves – this time of year, when there are a lot of newbies at the gym, it’s fun to re-read.  I was reminded of it on Friday when I was the only person in a workout room at the gym.  Plenty of machines to choose from, but the next person who came in used the machine right-next-to-me.  I always try to leave a “courtesy” machine between me and fellow exercisers!

A reminder that there’s still time to sign up for New Year, New Gear…I’d love if you joined!

12 responses

  1. I’m with you on the “courtesy” machine. I sweat a lot when I workout, so it’s better for everyone if there’s space between me and my neighbors. 😉 Happy Sunday!

  2. Haha, I always used to leave a “courtesy machine” too – it’s like when someone sits right next to you on a bus or train when there are lots of spare seats! My search terms are always mad too, my biggest ever is “knight in shining armour” 🙂

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