23 PAWS (#6): Gifts for Dogs

It’s time for another edition of 23 PAWS, hosted by Cinnamon at Eat, Pray, Tri.

Since I like write a round-up post on Fridays, I decided I’d do a gift idea round-up.

These are some ideas of practical must-haves for dogs.  I don’t treat Kostas with gifts but keep it pretty simple with at least making sure he has a bone and a full treat jar.

If you have a shedder, make the investment in a FURminator.  This tool basically cuts/scrapes the dogs top and under coats off and leaves piles of fur.

Kostas is very good about being “FUR-minated” – he sits and lets me scrape his back and pools of fur and fluff just fall off.

Safety is a concern when walking a dog in the evening.  Safety for the owner and the dog.  An Orvis reflective collar is a helpful accessory.   This is on my to-buy list because Kostas’ reflective banana is starting to wear out.



It’s important to keep a dog’s teeth clean and a good way to do this (if you don’t want to risk losing a finger by brushing their teeth), is to let them chew on a Nylabone. Kostas is a big fan of the big bones that keep him entertained.

And finally, what dog doesn’t love a treat?  I started buying Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites Granola Biscuits with Real Beef and Kostas loves them.  They are made with real ingredients and do not have corn/soy fillers.

Pet owners – do you buy your pet(s) a holiday/birthday gift? 

*Note:  I have received no compensation from companies/products listed in this post.  I’ve purchased these items with my own $ and opinions are my own.

8 responses

  1. What great ideas! I’m living that reflective collar! And the furminator is so awesome but none of my guys shed so I don’t need it! But its such a fun time I kinda want to buy one anyway! LOL.

  2. We furminate our cats daily, I’d think they’d need all that extra warmth but I guess indoor cats are at an advantage. 🙂 Not sure what to get them for Christmas yet…but I think something edible will be appreciated! 😀

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