Happy 12th Birthday Tucker!

Tucker is 12 today!

TYou can read his 11th birthday tribute here.

A couple of things have changed for Tucker in the last year–he has lost most of his hearing so his world has become much more visual.  Typical strong-willed Tucker, he doesn’t miss a beat and just keeps wagging his tail and enjoying everyday.


Tucker gave us quite a scare on 12/31/12–his body was riddled with infection.  QAG was out of the country – this was my worst fear–that something would happen to Tucker when QAG wasn’t here to be with him.  Thankfully Tucker’s amazing vet team diagnosed the issue and got him on an aggressive treatment plan.  About 48 hours after starting treatment, Tucker was back to himself.  But not after first enjoying a little TLC from me and Kostas.


We’ve also noticed a change in the relationship between Tucker and Kostas.  They still get at each other about things like tennis balls and food bowls, but there’s a lot more of this going on between them

T and K

T and KThat never would have happened a couple of years ago.

I’m also happy to report that I’ve let a little light into Tucker’s world in the past few months.  In the form of peanut butter.  Just as I never got to have a big wheel or eat sugared cereal as a child (terrible, I know), Tucker grew up in a home where licking dishes in the dishwasher, licking out containers, and helping in the kitchen were not allowed.

The funny thing is that he’s almost worse than Kostas now when it comes to being in the kitchen.  Could it be because in order to get him to take his meds in December/January, I gave them to him doused in peanut butter?


This weekend Tucker will get extra hugs and kisses.  Everyday is a gift with our pups!


Any fun pet stories to share?  Do you allow your pet to clean out containers (yogurt, peanut butter, etc)?

23 PAWS (#8): A Day in the Life

Thank you to Cinnamon for hosting the monthly link-up and giving pet-people an opportunity to gush about their 4-pawed friends.

Today I’m going with a snapshot of a day in the life of Tucker and Kostas.  Sleep, Eat, bother one another, Sleep, Repeat.


If you have two animals, do they compete over toys?  Giving one of our guys a bone is a real show.  Kostas prances around with it and just taunts Tucker.

I used the Pic Collage app for this – it’s my new favorite and it’s free.  Any new apps I should download?