Friday Roundup

A few highlights to share–

The Neiman Marcus Christmas Book was released yesterday.  It’s always entertaining to see what they come up with – but I think I’ll pass on the opportunity to wear a jet pack and hover over a body of water.  (See:  Prepare for Takeoff)  And I don’t think the condo board would be on board with my new Hen Farm.

Bees in France have been pollinating waste from a factory that produces M&Ms!

Source- National Geographic

The honey is not fit for sale and the plant waste has since been secured so the bees aren’t tempted further.  I suppose this could mean honey-infused M&Ms.  Or it could mean that the candies wreak havoc on anyone who actually eats them!

Meet Baxter and Bailey.

They were tied on a double leash and took off into the woods in Cape Cod, MA.  They got tangled in a tree and were missing for 2 weeks.

Baxter, the younger pup, got loose and was found by a friend of the owner.  He lived up to his retriever breed and lead his owner to his buddy Bailey who was still trapped in the woods.

What a great story!

OK, OK – fine, I’ll share a picture of my favorite pups–

4 responses

  1. Oh my goodness, the story of Baxter and Bailey! I was almost afraid to read on because I was scared of what the ending would be. Alas, it’s a happy one!

    Also, I had a friend do the jetpack hover over water thing in the Caribbean. Apparently, you SHOOT into the air like a water fountain or something. It sounds kinda scary to me!

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