Rainy Day Run

Back at it with the start of a new week!

The weekend was busy with lots of catching up – and visiting my favorite apple and squash farmers!

Rain was the theme of the weekend.

Exhibit A:

Sequestered together to dry off after a walk.

Desperate times call for sharing the dog bed.

I needed to get out and get moving this morning but a run outdoors was not in the cards.  I was happy that I didn’t sign up for a 10K that was taking place in the area today.  That would have meant very squishy running shoes.

I headed to an indoor track and did this workout:

My splits ended up being 8:12, 8:04, 7:59.  My goal for the workout was to make sure each mile was faster than the last.  I did take a recovery lap in between miles – walking at a fast pace to keep my heart rate up.  By the end of the 3rd mile, I did feel like my heart and lungs were about to burst out of my chest…maybe I’m being a little dramatic.

I’m excited to share with everyone that I’m featured on Healthypage.  There are a lot of fun resources on the site.

What were your weekend workouts?

18 responses

  1. Whooaa that is some amazingly fast running! I don’t think I’ve broken an 8-minute mile since high school track. I did a treadmill workout yesterday that totally kicked my butt. You do 1 minute at 5.0, and increase it by 0.5 every minute until you hit 8.0. Then you kick it back down to 4.0 for two minutes, and repeat 5x. I could only finish three sets! I was dying.

    • Thank you–I know, it’s crazy. I love to bake for others but just don’t crave chocolate or sweets. Haven’t had a cavity in ages 🙂

  2. Urgh, we’ve had so much rain here too; and gales as I write this too, which is even better! It’s good you can go to an indoor track, must be much better than a treadmill.
    We actually had some dry weather this weekend so I was out on my bike a lot and riding my horse; that might not sound much but I’ve been working so hard in my riding lessons, my legs feel like string!

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