28 and 29 Down

Two books to share with you today…

For at least 4 years the book Heroic Leadership – Best practices from a 450 year old company that changed the world by Chris Lowney has been sitting on my bookshelf.  And in August I finally picked it up and started to read it – on the beach.  Management/Leadership books aren’t necessarily my typical beach read, but I was fascinated by this book.

Author Chris Lowney, a former Jesuit seminarian, left the seminary for a job at J.P. Morgan and saw that the Jesuit approach to “molding innovative, risk-taking, ambitious, flexible global thinkers worked – better than many modern corporate efforts do today.”

I earned degrees from two Jesuit universities and always appreciate learning more about the history of the Jesuits.  This book was a really interesting look into the history of how the order formed, risks taken, successes, failures, and lessons-learned.  Lowney applies them to today’s world and presents opportunities for reflection on one’s own leadership style and goals.

If you’re interested in being entered into a drawing to win a copy of the book, you can take this short quiz on the author’s website.

Next up, The Cutting Season by Attica Locke.  This is a story set on a former plantation in Louisiana.  Current day, it is a historical site and tourist attraction – open to tour groups and available for events.  Caren Gray is the estate’s manager and her family history is tied to the plantation.  There’s a murder on the land and Caren is pulled into the investigation.

I really enjoyed Locke’s writing style.  Descriptive, suspenseful, and engaging.  I’ve been on former planation land in Georgia – there’s a certain beauty and spookiness to it – think narrow roads surrounded by huge trees – dripping with Spanish moss.  A stillness in the air that holds history.  That made Locke’s story especially engaging because I felt like I was on the land with the characters.

This was a hard to put down book – in fact, I woke up early this AM to finish it.  I had to know what happened!  Well, that and it’s due back to the library.

What are you reading?  Any recommendations for me?  

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    • I was traveling the past couple of days so I had a lot of airplane time – finished 2 really good books that I’ll post soon! Tonight it’s time to load back up at the library.

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