Eat in Month 2013

With the start of the new year comes resolutions, goals, ideas about how to improve the day-to-day…

Diana is in the midst of the fourth year of hosting the Eat in Month Challenge and this year I signed up to participate–the funny thing is that I could probably use an Eat Out Month Challenge…my norm is to eat in.  I eat breakfast at home, pack my lunch for work, pack snacks, and make dinner at home.  Nothing is ever too fancy, but I like to make healthy eats to keep me fueled for the day.

So how am I approaching this?  I’ve turned it into Operation Clean out the Cabinets, Fridge, and Freezer.  Every week I buy fresh produce (spinach, peppers, mushrooms, etc) and usually stock up on protein for the week (cottage cheese, chicken, Greek yogurt), so trips to the grocery store are easy and I stick to a list.  But this month I’m first checking ingredients at home and using those before buying anything new.  Those turkey tenderloins that were in the freezer for about six months?  They were great seasoned, baked, and used in salads.

This container of soup that has been in the freezer for a couple of months?  That’s lunch next week.


Who needs to buy hummus when you can make a delicious bean spread/dip with just 3-4 ingredients that are pretty standard?

My Quality Assurance Guy will be happy to know that I have all of the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies on-hand and those can count towards the challenge.

Speaking of chocolate, I made this Greek Yogurt Chocolate Bread over the weekend.  Wow!  I tried a bit of the batter and it tasted like chocolate pudding.  This bread is a dense bread because of the yogurt.

Baking this bread in smaller loaf pans cut the baking time in half.

Baking this bread in smaller loaf pans cut the baking time in half.

It got positive reviews from the in-house taste-tester.  I added a bit of nutmeg to give it a little spice.  I would probably reduce the sugar a bit on the next round.

My birthday is later this month so I imagine 1-2 dinners out will take place.  Ok by me!

Do you prefer to eat in or out?  Any good chocolate or yogurt recipes to share?  Are you working on cleaning out your kitchen cabinets/freezer/fridge?  

**Tonight I’ll be sending out the pairings for January New Year, New Gear–there’s still time to sign up – just send me an email!**  Thanks to everyone who has already signed up to participate.

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  1. I tend to buy chicken or beef on good sales, chuck it in the freezer, and throw it away months later because it’s freezer burned. I definitely want to do a better job of using what I already bought before buying more stuff. 2013 might be a bit about organizing! Chocolate bread? Sounds wildly delicious!!

  2. I prefer to eat in actually. When I worked I ate out way to often due mostly to convenience so now that I am home, I am really enjoying all of the eating in. Its easy, healthier and much cheaper!!

  3. MMM that bread looks good! Never made choco yogurt bread before! And as a graduate student on a budget I rarely eat out. Usually happens when I visit family every couple months. Other than that, really once month or less…

  4. I know what you mean. I rarely eat out, so an eat out challenge would be ideal. I’m hoping my 2013 Milwaukee CityTin will provide the inspiration I need to try some new restaurants. Did you buy a Madison CityTin? A friend in Madison has already redeemed 3 of her coasters in just one week! She definitely needs an eat in challenge 🙂

  5. Wow, we are so similar–I’m all about eating breakfast at home, packing my lunch and snacks, and then eating dinner at home, too. It’s much healthier (and cheaper!) that way. 🙂

  6. I really like the idea of using up what’s on hand before shopping for more. I even have all of the ingredients to make that delicious looking Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Bread. This week is cold and rainy, so I think it’s the perfect time to do it! Thanks for the inspiration.
    I prefer to eat out, but only because, like you, I eat in every day, unless I meet a friend for coffee and dessert at a local cafe 😉
    Happy Birthday in advance. Enjoy whatever you eat, wherever you celebrate!

  7. The chocolate bread looks really good. I’ll have to try that one of these winter days. I can’t really decide between eating in or out because it can be fun eating in and making new recipes, but it’s also fun eating out as a break from all that!

  8. The Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Bread is delicious!! I made it last night, substituting applesauce for the vegetable oil, and reducing the sugar by about 1/8 of a cup to compensate for this added sweetness. Using ingredients I had in stock, I used Chocolate Letters left over from Sinterklaas; a mix of milk chocolate and pure chocolate pieces. Yummy! Thanks! I look forward to future posts and recipe ideas 🙂

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