Hulu Workout

I have a workout DVD library of Bob Harper, Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jari Love, etc, but sometimes I need something different – and quick.


Hulu offers a lot of workout clips – maybe 20 minutes of a 60 minute workout, and you can use it to put together a varied workout.  Lately I’ve used it for Pilates, yoga, and abs.

Here’s a trio that provides lower-body toning, core strengthening, and abs toning and all you need is a mat.

Mari Winsor’s Lower-Body Pilates – in these short 20 minutes, you will feel the burn in your thighs and backside.  I was walking a little funny the morning after I did these moves for the first time.

Six Pack Abs: Sexy Beach Abs– This instructor on Exercise TV is pretty low-key but I did like the variety of moves in the 10 minute workout.  Planks are part of this one.  And he showed a way to get your lower abs without compromising your back – it’s at about 4:30 in the clip.  It really worked!

Six Pack Abs: Incredible Abs – This is a 20 minute workout that moves very quickly and targets every ab in your pack.

Now the one down-side of Hulu is that you do have to watch ads.  I find it ironic that sometimes, during an hour-long workout, commercials are for Tollhouse cookies!  I’ve found that searching “Gaiam” provides you with a lot of good options and the Acacia Get Fit, Stay Fit Health and Fitness ‘channel’ also has full-length workouts.

Any workout clips to share?  What’s in your Hulu queue?  Should we start talking about The Bachelor? Two words–hot messes.



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  1. ha! That is so funny about the adds on Hulu for cookies while watching a video. Reminds me of Pinterest…how there is always chocolate cake pinned next to some chick with rock hard abs saying “KEEP GOING unless you are puking” or something like that. HA!

  2. I love hulu! Didn’t know they had exercise clips though, thanks for the tip!

    P.S. should I be watching the bachelor? I think I watched one season and was just blown away by those two words ‘hot messes’. I have to assume that people going on the show do realize they are going on for publicity and for ratings, not necessarily to find love since the structure is, well, so unrealistic…but its fun to watch and gossip about!

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