20 Down, 30 to Go: Home Safe

I am enjoying the fact that I’m working towards a reading goal and am making sure to use this as a chance to read the books that have been on my shelf for more than a year.  This week’s book was Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg.  30 down, 20 to go to read 50 Books in 2012!

Elizabeth Berg is a New York Times Bestselling author who lives in Chicago, IL (most likely Oak Park – based on her books), and writes a book a year.  You may be familiar with one of her books–Open House was one of Oprah’s Favorite Books.

Home Safe is the story of Helen Ames – a writer who lives amid loss.  She has lost her husband, her ability to write, her stability, and her relationship with her daughter is strained.  At its heart, this book is sad.  There’s no denying that.

Helen finds out that the nest egg she thought her husband left behind had an $850,000 withdrawal by her husband.  What her husband did with that money is a shocker that then shapes the second half of the book.  I don’t want to ruin it for you by going into details.  I enjoyed the book and the story and really started to care about what happened to the characters.  I even started to tear up during the passage when I learned what the title refers to.

I was a little disappointed at the ending – I’d hoped for a different outcome/decision for Helen and her future.  Again – no details because I’d ruin the whole story!

(Mom – Yes, I’ll put this book aside for you for your Summer reading!)

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