Friday Roundup

Happy Friday.  Another Friday the 13th.

You may have noticed I like facts and figures so here are a few related to Friday the 13th:

Hospitals and hotels rarely have a room #13. 

Many cities do not have a 13th Street or 13th Avenue.

Many airports skip having a Gate 13 and airplanes do not have a Row 13.

The Dane County Regional Airport does have a Gate 13 (Source).

In Florence, Italy, the house address between number 12 and 14 has the address “12 1/2”.


In other news, it’s Summer so that means festivals, state fairs, and eating competitions.  Have you heard of cheese curds?

It’s small pieces of cheese that, when fresh, squeak when you eat them.  A better description from this week’s Wall Street Journal:

Cheese curds are essentially morsels of cheddar or other cheeses that are removed from the cheese-making process before they are pressed. They can range in size from a lima bean to a carrot stick and have a rubbery consistency, causing a squeaking sensation on the teeth when chewed fresh from the factory. Throughout Wisconsin, they can be found in plastic bags next to gas-station checkouts—usually plain, but sometimes spiced with garlic, ranch flavoring or hickory bacon. They also come deep-fried at many bars and restaurants—and are often washed down with beer.

You can read all about the Ellsworth, Wisconsin, Cheese Curd Festival and the story of the curd eating contest.  Leave no crumbs behind!

And finally, I wanted to share a video that Amy featured on her blog Second City Randomness.

I think I’ve found a new mantra.

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