Best story of the week

I don’t have Friday Funnies for you today – you can’t force funny and I think even I need a break from the corny jokes!

However, I read/saw this story online this week and had to share it.  If you’re a dog/animal lover, you may need a tissue to dab your eyes after watching this video.

Meet Tanner, the 2 year old golden retriever who suffered from seizures and is blind.  His adoptive owner died and he was taken in by a golden retriever rescue organization in Oklahoma.

Meet Blair, the stray black labrador who was brought in to the shelter with a gun-shot wound to the leg.  She was very shy and skittish.

Tanner and Blair bonded in the play yard.  Blair leads Tanner and acts as the dog’s guide dog.  The good news is that Tanner has only had a couple of seizures since the two have become a pair.  These two pals are up for adoption and need to be placed together.

It’s amazing to see the bond between these two and the adaptability.  If we didn’t already have these two characters in our lives, I’d probably try to get on the short-list for adopting Tanner and Blair!

Book reviews, fitness posts, and recipes to come next week!  Enjoy the weekend.

What’s the best news story you read/saw this week?

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