Friday Round-Up

First up, the winner of the Domeo iPad case, selected using, is Farrah!  Congrats Farrah – I sent you an email.

I’ve sold shoes and some clothing on eBay – and I’ve never taken a photo of the items near a mirror–these folks have!  Have you seen these pictures of people who were taking pics for posting items on eBay but they are “featured” in the photo?  Oops!

Here are some ideas of how to use your microwave for things other than cooking.  Some of these are great tips – heat dried mascara, sterilize a kitchen sponge (I’ve done this one), but wash socks?  Not so sure about that!

This is a very heart-warming story of the 10 babies born to survivors of the Miracle on the Hudson plane landing.

And finally, I feel like I need to jazz this post up with a picture -Tucker is thinking TGIF!


Happy Friday!

Any fun microwave tips?  Are temps going to dip in your neck of the woods this weekend? 




I am reminded of my kindergarten teacher who, everyday, would have us line up at the end of the day to “fill her Love Tank.”  We gave her a hug at the end of the day and she hugged us and held us, telling us how smart we were, how well-behaved we were, how happy she was to have us in her class.  I can only hope that the parents of the victims may find a small bit of comfort in the fact that the teachers loved their children and tried to protect them as if they were their own.