April Fools Fun

I watched Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtags skit this week where he asked his Twitter followers to comment on the best pranks they had played on others.  Submissions ranged from the roommate who re-arranged her roommate’s belongings on the front lawn to the daughter who told her father that a flash-drive is voice-activated–her dad plugs it into the computer and says “Activate”.  Funny, right?

Well, then I remembered the April Fools joke that my college roommates played on me.  Not funny at the time.

Senior year in college I shared an apartment with 4 other girls.  Second semester of my senior year was just stress…21 credits, working, interviewing.  I carried around a legal pad of paper with my constant To-Do list.  I probably wasn’t too fun to live with because I was always thinking about what was next and anticipating graduation.

April Fools morning I woke up and was the only one in the apartment.  I found a letter from the apartment management company saying we had 24 hours to move out–we were being evicted after noise complaints from downstairs neighbors.

This didn’t seem unreasonable at the time because I was known to Flamenco dance during parties. Anyhoo…

I quickly got ready for work/class, left my roommates a note that there was a big issue, and I ran over to the apartment management company office.  They had no idea what the letter was.  We called the number on the letterhead and it was the Ronald McDonald hotline.  I-was-steaming!  My roommates said that I seemed so stressed and they thought I needed a break and a joke.  It took me a little while to find the humor in the whole scene but now I laugh.

Out for my AM run today I was re-living the prank and thought I needed to take advantage of my QAG’s sense of humor and come up with a harmless prank for him.  One of his endearing qualities is the fact that he is one of the most organized people I know.  He likes order.  For example, silverware:

All lined up and in order

As I was finishing my run, QAG and the dogs were just getting started on their walk so I quickly got to work:

Only the best--plastic silverware

The finest styrofoam cups and paper plates

Harmless prank!  QAG finally noticed what I’d done, laughed, and just said, “I hope you’re proud of yourself.”  OK–maybe I got more of a kick out of the set-up.

Your turn:  Best prank you’ve played?  Do you have a prank story to share of something that happened to you?

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