Lots of Labradors

The weather in Wisconsin has been delightful…sunny, warm, more Summer than Spring.

Saturday was a perfect day to head west of Madison (Spring Green area) and let the dogs run around and play.  And run and play they did!

Happy Labs!

Kostas and Tucker also got to meet their new friends Auggie and Shasta:

5 month old chocolate Labs

We had all been anxious to meet our friends’ Lab pups.  They are adorable and full of energy.  Seeing all of the guys (well, Shasta is a girl) run and play was a lot of fun and I can speak for Tucker and Kostas…they are exhausted and have been sleeping since they got back to Madison.

There was no chance of getting a still shot of four Labs

Tails wagged and everyone enjoyed the day!

Tired Labs are good Labs

Tired but Happy!

How was your weekend?

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