A resolution with no downside: “Semi-Vegan”

Did you happen to read Sunday’s New York Times Magazine?  The cover article was Do you have to be superhuman to lose weight?.  I’m still making my way through it and will certainly write a post about it this week.

As I was flipping through the magazine (I like to look ahead at magazines, books, articles, and see what I’m getting myself into–that’s how I roll), Mark Bittman’s EAT section jumped out at me.  No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem  Going semi-vegan:  a resolution with no downside.  Thank you Mr. Bittman!

Mark Bittman Source: NYTimes

Bittman writes that most everyone needs to eat “better” and at the core of this is that we all need to eat more plants.  The food diet that most aligns with plant-based is veganism.  Vegans don’t just not eat meat, but also avoid all animal products including dairy and eggs.  Eating more plants, however, can mean just that–eat a salad, enjoy a bowl of fruit, put down the cookie.  The recipes I’ve posted in the last few days are technically vegan, but I consider them to be plant-based/plant-strong.

I’m striving to eat a plant-strong diet and Bittman just gave me (and you) 10 new recipes to try.  I imagine I’ll reduce or eliminate the oil and tweak them here and there.  These recipes aren’t fancy–they seem doable and I imagine, are tasty.  Sweet Potato Stew, Pasta, Beans and Tomatoes, Roasted Squash with Kale and Vinaigrette.  How can you go wrong?  As Bittman says, “This is not a gimmick or even a diet. It’s a path, and the smart resolution might be to get on it.

Check out all of Bittman’s Semi-Vegan recipes.

Question of the day:  What’s your favorite plant-strong dish?

Plant-Strong Spinach

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