6 Down, 44 to Go: Made for You and Me

This is going to be a quick review.  Last week I read book #6 in my quest for 50 Books in 2012.  The read was:  Made for You and Me–Going West, Going Broke, Finding Home by Caitlin Shetterly.  I first heard about the book one night last year while cooking dinner and listening to NPR and quickly added it to my “To Read” list.  Caitlin and her husband Dan were interviewed about the book and their journey and I practically had tears in my eyes that I had to catch from falling into my soup!

Source: caitlinshetterly

The book is the story of Caitlin and Dan and their decision to move from Maine to California.  The grass seemed greener on the other side of the country.  Writing and radio opportunities, jobs in Hollywood.  Well, then the Recession hit, jobs were cancelled, Caitlin got pregnant and was too sick to work, and the couple had spent their entire savings.

Source: uptake

Their story is, in a sense, gritty and emotional.  They leave their families behind, they pack up every belonging (cat and dog included!), they travel West, it just doesn’t work out.  They pack up from California to move back to Maine to move in with Caitlin’s mother.  Throughout the journey, Caitlin blogged about the trials and tribulations of their situation and she began to create audio diaries for NRP’s Weekend Edition.

This story is a reminder that home is where the heart is and a solid partnership can weather storms–the financial, health, and general life kinds of storms.

You can see a cool video here of Caitlin talking about her book and her life.

Question:  What are you reading?
I’m a few days into Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs by Heather Lende.  Loving it!

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