Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday.  A few things to share today…

I just read this article about a New York City surfer who came very close to meeting a great white shark.  I was pulling my feet up off the ground as I read the article.  If the photo is fake, kudos to the creative genius who came up with it.  If it’s real, stay out of the water!

I promised my mom that I’d share this picture of my parents’ dogs Reuben and Santo.  They are buddies and spend almost all day like this:


As my mom says, “Twice the fur, but twice the love!”  Oh, and Reuben isn’t named after a sandwich–he’s named after Reuben, son of Jacob.  And Santo, he’s named after this winery.

Did you get a flu shot?  A lot of people at work have been out–I’ve been hand washing, hand sanitizing, using my elbow to push the elevator button…

fluComing up next week – a tech accessory giveaway!

Happy Weekend everyone.


Fall Colors

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I hope you had a nice weekend – they go by too fast, don’t they?

Weather in Wisconsin was beautiful and Saturday was a great day for a drive.

I went to visit my favorite apple orchard (last call for Honey Crisps!)



apples ahead

And enjoyed the sunshine and the beautiful colors

changing colors

Fall is in full swing at the orchard

I also enjoyed dinner with my family – dad’s homemade pasta sauce (full of garden-fresh veggies) and mom’s homemade meatballs.  I made it a BYOSS dinner – bring your own spaghetti squash.

And I got to scratch this guy behind his ears

Santo – one of the family goldens – who has super curly fur!

Getting home, this guy was all up in my space because he could smell the other pups

Did you get outside and enjoy nice weather this weekend?  Do you have a creative recipe/use for spaghetti squash?