Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday.  A few things to share today…

I just read this article about a New York City surfer who came very close to meeting a great white shark.  I was pulling my feet up off the ground as I read the article.  If the photo is fake, kudos to the creative genius who came up with it.  If it’s real, stay out of the water!

I promised my mom that I’d share this picture of my parents’ dogs Reuben and Santo.  They are buddies and spend almost all day like this:


As my mom says, “Twice the fur, but twice the love!”  Oh, and Reuben isn’t named after a sandwich–he’s named after Reuben, son of Jacob.  And Santo, he’s named after this winery.

Did you get a flu shot?  A lot of people at work have been out–I’ve been hand washing, hand sanitizing, using my elbow to push the elevator button…

fluComing up next week – a tech accessory giveaway!

Happy Weekend everyone.