Saturday Surprise

I’ll just preface with this was not a good surprise…and that’s where I’ll end my editorial!

Saturday afternoon I went for a run–I took a route that I wouldn’t normally take but I was on a schedule and wanted to pack in 4 miles.  Side note–33 minutes later, 4 miles run and done.  And that included the few minutes that I was forced to stop for a road block.

The road block was the Madison Naked Bike Ride.  I noticed that traffic was slowing down so I couldn’t cross the road.  And then I heard a lot of noise.  Here came the naked bikers.  I wish I could show you a picture of my face.  My mouth pretty much dropped to the sidewalk.

These folks were letting it all hang out.  Really–all of it.  I hope they were wearing sunscreen.

The worst part of it all/the thing that really made me say “Ewwwwwww” out loud:  seeing that some folks were riding the Madison Community Bikes!

So here’s a tip–if you find yourself renting a community bike–wipe and sanitize it before you ride it!

What’s one of the “strangest” things you’ve seen while out for a run/walk?