A little of this…

…And a little of that…

Over the weekend I finished reading Om Shanti, Babe by Helen Limon.  I passed it along to my niece – she’s an avid reader and I think she’ll get a kick out of the book.  It’s is a fun trip to India, seen through the eyes of a teenager.Young readers will relate to the struggles of being a teen – relationship with parents, finding new friends, body image, trying to find a style, and trying to fit in.  Older readers will appreciate the fact that we’ve all been there before.

This is a quick-paced book that takes the reader on a journey through Kerala, India, with plenty of adventures along the way.  Whether that’s going to a small village, riding the train, or learning more about tradition, it’s all done with fun and plenty of delightful characters.


My niece gave me two book recommendations that are added to my library queue – A Mango Shaped Space and Wonder.  Mixing things up a bit and reading YA fiction is a nice change of pace.

Is anyone else enjoying seasonal temps today?  I saw lightening at about 5:30am!  And by Thursday/Friday we’ll be back to bundling up to battle the cold.

And lastly, I think I may have hit the wall when it comes to watching The Bachelor–I didn’t watch last night (though it is waiting in my Hulu queue).  But last week when I watched, all I kept thinking was, “I hope everyone gets a flu shot!”  I mean really–that’s a lot of germs being swapped!!!

What this or that do you want to share today?