On track

Goodreads is finally telling me I’m on track with my reading goal–it’s because just 1 week in, I’m 1 book in.

Last night I sat down to plough through Heft by Liz Moore.  This book ended up being nothing like what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s the story of Arthur Opp, a former college professor who is now morbidly obese and doesn’t leave the house, and teenager Kel Keller who struggles to fit in and tries to help his tragic mother.  This story pulls at the heart-strings.  I didn’t cry but I think I let out a few “Oh No”s while reading!

My cooking victory of the weekend was making a flank steak – it was great on salads.  If you’re looking for a quick marinade, I’d recommend olive oil, Bragg’s liquid aminos, balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, and Italian seasoning.

Saturday night we gave a nigh-time candle-lit hike a try…dogs in tow.  Wisconsin State Parks have these night hike/ski events that, when the weather is not freezing, are a great idea.  A little bit crowded, but fun.  Tucker extinguished a few candles along the way, and people on the trail thought Kostas looked like a polar bear in the dark.  Next time we do this, I’m wearing my headlamp.  I can’t believe I forgot it!  Being in the woods at night, in the dark had a bit of a Hunger Games feel to it!

A huge thank you to Lora for creating the great New Year, New Gear badge.  Check out my side bar…

There’s still time to sign up! I’ll send out the pairings tomorrow.

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