Friday Round-Up

The week of holiday celebrations, visiting with friends, and having a few days off from work is flying by too quickly!

Here are a few fun finds from the week…

This is a fun year-end list to browse…it’s actually a list of 44 reasons why your life will be so much easier in 2013.  Personal favorites–the clementine candle, nylons over the vacuum to find lost items, and cutting bread in a way that doesn’t destroy it.  But you won’t find me using beer cans to curl my hair.

Here’s a list of the expected Top Fitness Trends in 2013.  TRX is one of them and this is on my list to try.  I also like the idea of combo classes–spinning is a great cardio workout, but fitting in 10 minutes of core or strength would make for a full workout.

Check out Cincinnati weather man Bob Herzog–clearly he loves his job and likes to have fun.  Some of his moves are a little cringe-worthy!

What fitness trend are you looking forward to in 2013?  Any stories/year-end re-caps to share?  Would you dance on TV?