Today’s Workout: Total Body

I have another at-home DVD workout to share with you today.

cardioTotal Body Cardio with Tanja Djelevic.  This was my Sunday workout – 50 minutes of focus, toning, and sweating at home since it was snowing and messy outside and that was a much better alternative than slopping my way to the gym.

The workout can be done without weights if you are a beginner.  If you’re more advanced, pick up your 3 or 5 lb weights and use them to add a little intensity to the cardio and toning segments.

The workout starts with a warm-up and then moves to cardio, toning, abs, cool down.  This is also one that challenges your balance.  I really liked the push-ups.  The workout starts with normal push ups and then moves to push ups where you scoop your abs when you come back up and you hold that scoop.  Ouch!

The instructor, Tanja Djelevic is Swedish and works as a trainer/instructor at numerous gyms in Los Angeles and has appeared as an expert on Biggest Loser Sweden.  Sometimes it’s hit or miss with fitness DVD instructors and she is definitely a hit.

What was your Sunday workout?  What at-home workout equipment do you have on hand?

Today’s Workout: Squeeze

Have you ever heard this catchy workout line:  “If you don’t squeeze ’em, no one else will?”

Back in college I used to attend Jazzercise classes with my mom when I was home on Winter break and that line was the favorite of a very bubbly instructor.

Today’s workout was Squeeze:  30-Day Body Transformation with Tracy Effinger.

This is a 50-minute workout that includes a warm-up and targeted exercises for arms, shoulders, abs, legs, thighs, back-side, and rounds out with a cool-down/stretching segment.

You do need a pair of light weights for this…and my light, I mean no more than 3 lbs. My shoulders were on fire using just 3 lb. weights!

Effinger also uses a fitness ball (the squishy kind that looks like a kick-ball), but I don’t have one and still felt the ab exercises without one.

The workout is one that requires concentration because you need to be mindful of “squeezing ’em”–i.e. engaging your muscles.  I like that I can’t zone out during this and have to just focus on the workout.

I first tried this a couple of years ago and barely made it through the workout…this time around, it seemed much easier.  That’s a good fitness-level sign!
It’s worth a try and is available via Netflix.

What’s a muscle group that you find burns when you use light weights?
For me it’s shoulders!  Maybe it’s the years of swimming…I have strong shoulders but notice that they feel workouts immediately.