Today’s Workout: Pilates

On a day like today, a reliable indoor workout is a plus.



I’m a huge fan of Pilates and try to do it 1-2 times a week.  Pilates was one of the first fitness classes I really got into post-college.  I took a class at the local Y back in Chicago – the same instructor for about 2 years, the same group of people in the class.  We had the loud breather, the runner (guy) who wore short running shorts, etc.   And it’s when I first started to notice that yes, indeed, I do have a waist.  I always feel a little longer and leaner after a good Pilates mat class/workout.

A great at-home Pilates workout to check out is Mari Winsor: Pilates.   I used the DVD via Netflix.

There’s an express, 20 minute option and a full, 50 minute floor workout.  I use the 50 minute workout which takes me through plenty of abs, lower body toning moves, and core “scooping”.


The workout provides variations for beginners and more advanced practitioners.  It’s a great DVD if you’re new to Pilates.  I will say that it moves a bit slow if you’re more advanced.

The only equipment needed is a yoga or exercise mat.  Be sure to wear comfy clothes.

Do you have a good at-home Pilates workout to recommend?  Do you do Pilates? What’s today’s workout?

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  1. I’d love to try other Pilates workouts. I’ve heard about the Mari Winsor series, but haven’t tried it, yet. The DVDs I enjoy are Denise Austin’s ‘Mat workout based on the work of JH Pilates’ (Not all that intense, but still when I do one of the two routines after not having done them in a few days, I feel it! The DVD also has a bonus lower body workout) and David Snively’s ‘Custom Fit’. Indoor workouts sure do help to beat the gloom 😉

  2. My goodness, it’s snowy where you are! If you were to look out my cube window right now, you’d think it was summer in Houston. I’m in awe of you for getting a workout in. When it’s cold outside, the workout diva in me just wants to stay in bed and wear fuzzy slippers. I guess I could technically do Pilates in bed though, wearing fuzzy slippers. 😛

  3. Wow- That’s great to know . Did n’t even know that there were pilates dvd’s that were good. I like to workout in my basement when everyone sleeps b/c it’s easy! Thanks for the tip. I went to a pilates studio for a while & loved it; but, now it’s just easier to go to my basement early in the a.m.

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