23 PAWS (#8): A Day in the Life

Thank you to Cinnamon for hosting the monthly link-up and giving pet-people an opportunity to gush about their 4-pawed friends.

Today I’m going with a snapshot of a day in the life of Tucker and Kostas.  Sleep, Eat, bother one another, Sleep, Repeat.


If you have two animals, do they compete over toys?  Giving one of our guys a bone is a real show.  Kostas prances around with it and just taunts Tucker.

I used the Pic Collage app for this – it’s my new favorite and it’s free.  Any new apps I should download?  

11 responses

  1. My dogs don’t really fight over toys, but they do it in a playful way and that’s how they get started when they like to chase each other around.

    Pic Collage is a good app, my daughter uses it a lot. I also use Diptic.

  2. yes the bones are always my favorite too. Its like they all have to have what the other dog has. We give them, they switch and then somehow that makes them happy? ohhh pups. so funny!

  3. I’m need to check out that app. Is it easy?
    We have a mini “petting zoo” at my house!
    When I feed either our tortoises or the guinea pig, my dog likes to eat their food. It’s hysterical b/c if I weren’t feeding other animals, she could care less….

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