Vitacost Sale

There’s a big sale going on over at Vitacost–12% off everything!


I’m a huge fan of Vitacost to order kitchen staples as well as try new-to-me products that aren’t available at local stores.  The best part?  There’s usually a good sale/promo going on, I tend to qualify for free shipping, and items cost less than they would at local stores.  A few of my favorite things?  Sunwarrior Warrior Blend protein powder, Garden of Life Super Seed, Bob’s Red Mill anything, and Pure Bars.

(Side note on Pure Bars – I first found these at Whole Foods in DC – haven’t seen them anywhere else so I was happy to find them online.  They are all natural, organic, gluten free, and delicious!)

If you haven’t shopped Vitacost before, consider shopping around today.  There’s everything from food, fitness, baby, personal care, etc.  Today’s 12% off EVERYTHING is available with promo code 123SAVE and ends at 11:59 pm EST and is available up to $1000. 

I know I’ll be shopping today!

Do you shop at Vitacost?  Anything I should try?  What’s your favorite food product that you order online?  

**Note:  I will receive $30-$40 worth of products from Vitacost in exchange for sharing today’s sale with you.  Any product reviews and opinions are my own.**

8 responses

  1. Gosh-
    I’ve read so many great things about the Warrior Sun Protein powder, so I ordered it & I couldn’t drink it. It has soooo many amazing health benefits, but I don’t find it to be tasty enough. Do you doctor it up? I’d like to try it again; but, if it’s not good, I can’t do it……..
    Any other protein powders you like?
    Thanks for the discount code to Vitacoast!

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