Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday.  A few things to share today…

I just read this article about a New York City surfer who came very close to meeting a great white shark.  I was pulling my feet up off the ground as I read the article.  If the photo is fake, kudos to the creative genius who came up with it.  If it’s real, stay out of the water!

I promised my mom that I’d share this picture of my parents’ dogs Reuben and Santo.  They are buddies and spend almost all day like this:


As my mom says, “Twice the fur, but twice the love!”  Oh, and Reuben isn’t named after a sandwich–he’s named after Reuben, son of Jacob.  And Santo, he’s named after this winery.

Did you get a flu shot?  A lot of people at work have been out–I’ve been hand washing, hand sanitizing, using my elbow to push the elevator button…

fluComing up next week – a tech accessory giveaway!

Happy Weekend everyone.


16 responses

  1. Haha I am SO scared of the flu!!! I should have gotten a flu shot… I totally thought I was getting sick yesterday, but I’ve been taking Zicam, drinking tons of water, and I slept extra last night, and I think I fought it off.. .yikes!

  2. So I finally went to Walgreen’s to get my flu shot (after having one strain of the flu not too long ago!) and they said the entire city is out! Nooooo! Illness everywhere!

    That pic of your parents’ goldens…gah they are the cutest pooches. Twice the fur but twice the love, indeed!

  3. Unfortunately the flu shot this year doesn’t seem to be protecting from the flu strain that is hitting. I’m a pharmacist and we have been out of the vaccine but finally got some more in. I run out of Tamiflu on a daily basis! In my almost 6 years since graduating from pharmacy school, this is the worst flu season I’ve ever seen.

  4. Aww cute pups! They look a bit gray in the face like my dog, means they’ve been giving love for quite some time 🙂

    And yes I got my flu shot, but it is recommended for me since I have asthma. Just getting a cold or flu could turn into bronchitis or pneumonia more easily since I’m at a lung disadvantage…Plus I still disinfect hands since I don’t want to get sick!

  5. I never get the flu shot. I just saw someone’s video on YouTube saying that her surgery got pushed back because her lungs weren’t functioning at 100% as a result of getting the vaccine a few days earlier.

    It seems like a lot of people who are getting the shot are still getting the flu. Maybe it’s a new strain hitting people this year. A lot of people are getting it. Oh, and I hate touching the buttons on elevators as well. lol

  6. Hi Nicole-
    When you do videos, what are your top videos? My fav. is Insanity, but all the jumping hurts my feet. Anything else you would say has a comparable workout? I’ve done a zillion over the years, but that’s always my favorite.

    • Jari Love Get Ripped DVDs are great for strength. She has some newer ones that include cardio bursts. I also really like the Exhale Core Fusion – yoga/pilates, boot camp, body sculpt. The Bob Harper cardio and strength dvds are pretty intense and are a really good workout. let me know if you try any of these!

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