New Year, New Gear

I have a little idea that I want to throw out here and see if there are any takers…

During 2012 I participated in a few exchange programs and had fun meeting fellow bloggers and readers.  Since this is the time of year when many people set new fitness and health goals, and who doesn’t love New Gear to help achieve goals or get motivated, my idea is New Year, New Gear.

In my family we had a Christmas filled with workout gear.  After “Thank you”, the most said phrase of the night was, “Oh my gosh.  It has thumb holes!” 

Here’s how New Year, New Gear works:

1.  Please send me an email by Tuesday, January 8th if you’re interested in participating.  (
Include your name, email.  Twitter and Blog, if applicable.
This is open to everyone State-side…let’s start with the US.

2.  You’ll receive your match by email from me on January 8th (PM).  You’ll be responsible for emailing your match by January 10th.  
Introduce yourself and find out more about the person’s health/wellness interests and fitness activities.  Also ask about clothing size – if the person is comfortable sharing – brand preference, items on their wish-list.

3.  Shop around and put together a fun package keeping to a limit of $15.  Maybe it’s a new workout top, running socks, hairbands, a pair of shorts.  You’d be amazed at the goods you can find at the outlets (UA, Nike), TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and department stores. Be sure to include a gift receipt (when available).

4.  Ship the package by January 22nd.  Please be so kind as to include a note of motivation.

5.  If you’re a blogger, please write a blog post about the program/gear to post on February 4th – I’ll work on a link-up.  If you’re matched with a reader, please ask them to include text that you can put on your blog.

Fellow Bloggers and Tweeters – could you please help spread the word with a link to this post or a Tweet?  #newyearnewgear
Does anyone have the technical capacity and interest to make a button?

Note – as a participant, you’ll be matched with one person to send to, and someone else will be matched with you to send you New Gear.

If this sounds like something fun to do, please email me by Monday, January 7th!

Let’s give it a try this month!

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