Science of Skinny

I read The Science of Skinny:  Start Understanding Your Body’s Chemistry – and Stop Dieting Forever, by Dee McCaffrey as part of my goal to read 50 Books in 2012.  Yes, this book was Summer beach reading for me.  I was intrigued to learn more about the chemistry of food and nutrition.

If you’re looking to learn more about science and chemistry of food and nutrition, this is a book to pick up.  It’s a lot to digest (ha, ha) and provides good information for someone looking to turn their eating habits around.  If you’re already following a rather ‘clean’/healthy eating plan, then this won’t give you a lot of new information.

It provides reminders to cut out white bread and flour, processed food (everything is better in whole-food form), and to up your water intake.  McCaffrey recommends H2O consumption of 1/2 your body weight.  Pounds/2=# of oz of water to drink everyday.  I’ve tried to follow that piece of advice and some days remember to use the Water Lite app to track intake.

Here’s the buzz kill for many–she says no soda and to really limit sparkling water.  Sparkling water is my “treat” beverage–so I’ve limited to 1/day.  The science that McCaffrey explains is that the carbonation messes with the body’s pH levels which, in turn, messes with body function.


If you’re a soda drinker and are trying to quit–this may help–McCaffrey explains how soda leeches calcium out of your bones.  Bam.

I was a bit of a dinner party buzz kill after reading this book.  No one wants to talk to the person who is spouting facts like, “Did you know that ketchup is made with high fructose corn syrup?”  Side note – Heinz makes a HFCS-free ketchup called Simply Heinz.  The company also reduced the sodium levels in their products by 15% back in 2010.

Have you read any nutrition books lately?  Any food/eating switches you’re making in this new year?  Can you drink the recommended amount of H2O everyday?  Coffee, tea, other liquids don’t count!


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  1. I have been a big time water drinker for a long time now, probably over 8 years and I can def tell that it makes a big difference in overall health and skin. Everyone is always commenting on how soft my skin is and I think it for sure has a lot to do with how much water I drink. I do have a diet soda every now and then, but it’s not even daily. I guess at some point I should really try to just out it from my life all together.

  2. Thanks for passing along, Nicole! I will treat myself to a diet soda every now and again, probably 2x a month, (specifically when I have pizza) but I know it is just SO not good for you. I should just nix it completely. Good reminders for this new year!

  3. Looks like a great book! I was never been much of a soda drinker growing up, the bubbles tickled throat and I always had to burp alot! I’d say some time in high school I just stopped drinking nearly altogether (I do like gingerale for the occasional upset tummy) and I’m a total water drinker! People think I’m weird that I really only drink water and hot tea…no soda, no alcohol, so icees…just water!

  4. I’m a water addict! I seriously drink 100 ounces per day. I am currently reading “Intuitive Eating” and am loving it – It is all about understanding your body’s natural need and cravings for food in order to prevent unhealthy eating.

  5. Food/diet/nutrition books fascinate me. Confession: I’ve tried to read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” too many times to count, but I can’t make it through 30 pages; there’s great information, but it’s just so dense. My mom recommended downloading and listening to it on audio (that’s what she did).

  6. I’d be really interested to read this – I didn’t know the carbonation was bad, I thought sparkling water was ok! The science would be really interesting too. My biggest thing is I need to eat less sugar; I’ve got the sweetest tooth ever 🙂

  7. Some really great advice here. I’m interested in reading more about the Science of Skinny. Since leaving my desk job and the office water cooler behind to move to Europe, my water intake has dropped considerably (but my passive exercise has increased drastically, yeah!). I do read labels and I avoid HFCS as often as possible. It’s seeping into foods in the Netherlands and is a common ingredient in bread, which is an integral part of the local diet. And, sparkling water is our drink of choice at home 😦
    Good for you for being the buzz kill!! I do it sometimes, too. More people need to be aware of what’s really in our food and the harmful effects they produce. What’s wrong with ‘natural’ food, I wonder…

  8. This looks like a good read. I’m going to have to check it out. I stopped drinking soda a long time ago and I had a couple sips of diet coke the other day to keep me awake while I was on a 5 hour road trip. It tasted so gross to me and I got a stomach ache from it. And this is coming from someone who used to drink 1-2 Diet Cokes per day. Very crazy how our bodies change once we begin putting the right foods in it.

    I picked up a book called “The Gluten-Free Bible” over the holiday. I will let you know what I think of it!

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