Christmas Re-Cap

It was a busy few days…baking, wrapping, eating, family-ing…

I felt like the Christmas season kicked into high gear on Saturday night when I spent a few hours wrapping gifts.  Martha Stewart I am not.  But I do like to try and throw my niece and nephew off by packing things in larger boxes so they can’t guess what the present is before they open it!


Sunday I helped my dad make Christmas stollen.  It’s a yeast-bread filled with nuts and fruit and topped off with frosting! I’ve always seen my dad make it but never helped in the process.  He follows my great-grandmother’s recipe from a 1960 church cook book.  My arms are still a little sore from mixing the dough!


The finished product

Monday kicked off in the spirit of the season of giving


A little cooking and baking with my helper


Then I put together a batch of hot chocolate for a construction crew working in my neighborhood.  It was Christmas Eve day, it was freezing, and they looked like they needed to warm up.  I dashed away, though, as soon as they were trying to twist my arms into helping them shovel.


Then it was Christmas Eve and time to create more memories with family


I really do wear my RoadID all the time

The weather has been very Christmas-y–cold, crisp, with lots of snow on the ground.

lakeNot a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…and ice is starting to form on the lake!

How was your weekend?  Christmas?  Happy Boxing Day today.  Did you see any of the new release movies?

One highlight last night (aside from the delicious dinner of osso bucco that my parents cooked), was that I finished my 50th book.  I feel the strong need to over-achieve and try to get to 51 by the 31st!

21 responses

  1. Great pictures! Looks like a great Christmas! And that was so sweet to bring the construction crew hot chocolate; I’m sure they appreciated it. After opening presents and hanging out for a while, my family headed to my aunt and uncle’s house for Christmas Day festivities. We had our annual Yankee swap, plus lots of delicious food and yummy drinks. 🙂

  2. Nicole, that is just the sweetest thing to donate blood and go on a hot chocolate run for those construction workers! I have never had stollen but I’d love to try it. Love that it’s from a vintage recipe!

  3. Oh my, homemade stollen! What a treat. We had our first of the season just last week. A bit late, I think, but still delicious. It was a pleasant holiday and now we sit back with a glass of cava to ring in the New Year and watch the neighborhood bursting with fireworks 🙂
    I like your idea of giving by donating blood. It’s a great gift to give and can touch many lives. The hot chocolate for the work crew was pretty thoughtful, too.
    Happy New Year!!

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