Ornament Swap

Carlyn from Just Keep Sweating put together a holiday ornament swap for bloggers and readers.  I was excited to participate in the fun.

I was paired with a fellow Madisonian – Simone.  She’s a new blogger and I think she’s still working on her site.  I had hoped we’d be able to meet up in person so I could give her the ornament, but I wasn’t going to be able to do that within the swap timeline.

jacketI sent Simone an Eddie Bauer ornament–I kind of wish I would’ve bought one for my tree.  Simone is a runner and living in Madison, you can never have enough fleece or down! Even in an ornament.

I received a wonderful and thoughtful package from Jenn at Fit Appetit.  She went with the cookie baking theme–which I loved!  The card, the ornament, the cookie cutters!! card

She’d read about the family cookie baking tradition and I appreciate that I have more cookie cutters to add to my collection and a cute ornament, too!



Pardon the dark photos…it’s the beginning of Snowmageddon so there isn’t much light available right now!

Thank you Jenn for making my day–and making my tree a little brighter!

Have you participated in any swaps this season?  



16 responses

  1. Aw, an ornament swap was such a good idea! Every Christmas, my family does a Yankee swap for presents. This will be my second year participating–the minimum age is 21 because some (well, usually all) of the gifts contain adult beverages. 😉

  2. An ornament swap is a brilliant idea and thoughtful tradition. A great way to share a bit of yourself with others, or to reflect their hobbies and interests, even with people you don’t know personally. What a joy it must be to put the ornaments up each year and remember the people who sent them. I like the cookie cutter idea…and the Yankee swap featuring adult beverages mentioned in the comments by Carrie!!
    Snowmageddon. Love it! That really descriptive!!

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