25 Days of Blogging {1}

How cute is this?

I’m a little late in starting this so let’s catch up.  I’ll start with days 1-8:

1.  Love Actually.  Please do me a favor…if you haven’t seen it, watch it!  And have some tissues handy.

2.  It’s short…health.  That and a roasting pan and a new set of fleece sheets.

3.  What?  Not possible 🙂

4.  O Holy Night

5.  My niece and nephews gave me a Pandora bracelet and each year the kids pick out beads for me.  I love that they pick them out.  For example, of course a little boy would pick out a dinosaur bead!  Last year my parents gave me a new camera and I get a lot of use out of it.

6.  A dog ornament that I bought when I had my dog Murphy.  It’s a yellow dog and was personalized for him.  I always get a little teary when I put it on my tree and remember how much he loved to make doggie snow angels in the park.

7.  They are all memorable.  Family and traditions.

8.  I’m slow on the decorating take-up and hope to get my little tree up today.  Earlier this week I had to rely on New York City for decorations.


Do you have fleece sheets?  They make getting out of bed very difficult on cold mornings! 

Any #s 1-8 you’d like to share?

9 responses

  1. Love Actually is my favorite Christmas movie too (well, besides the childhood favorite of Home Alone).

    I just heard my favorite Christmas song in a store yesterday and it made me so happy–Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

    I should do a post on this too–what a fun idea!

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