Friday Round-Up

You’re probably already up-to-speed on this week’s biggest news…

You know that Kate got a haircut, right? So did I but The Daily Mail forgot to write about it.  They did, however, cover everything from how to get Kate’s new do to what she must be hiding by getting a haircut.

Jorie posted links to holiday greeting cards that give back.  My favorites are the adorable dog cards.

Speaking of adorable dogs, here’s a picture of Kostas – he loves to be as close as possible.  Here he is wedged between my drying rack and the wall.  Just watching me hang laundry.



I’d like to say thank you to Heather and Kelly who organized a blogger tea swap–unfortunately the person who was matched to send me a couple of samples of their favorite tea was MIA.  I got a nice little surprise in the mail this week from Heather who sent me a couple of her favorites and some fun cards.  I like the blog inspiration cards – to be used for drafting post ideas.  A little fancier than my iPod Notes or scraps of paper!


Mint tea is one of my favorites!

Speaking of friendly bloggers, thanks everyone for the comments on yesterday’s post – I always like it when people weigh in and comment!

And lastly, any guesses what this is/will be?  My family has a weekend project head of us.



8 responses

  1. Aw, Kostas is so cute! Zelda, my family’s dog, does the same thing; she hates to be alone, so she follows us around from room to room. She can be a bit clingy, but we love her. Happy Friday!

  2. I’ve never heard of a blogger tea swap, what a great idea! I just recently bought 7 different types of tea in an attempt to find a favorite with caffeine, since I don’t drink coffee and should really stop drinking soda.

    • we’ll be hosting more tea swaps in 2013 over at HLB 🙂 We’ll announce it in our Monday Announcement posts when it’s time to sign up to participate again – stay tuned 😉

  3. Ha! Kostas is cracking me up there. Anywho, so now for the big news, right? Kate with bangs! I don’t know about what she’s hiding, but I use bangs to hide my fivehead. 🙂

    As for what’s in the bowl, I’m afraid to ask but looking forward to hearing what it’s for.

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